J&P Check Cashing

J&P is a company that specializes in the management of money exchange businesses through out the Chicago area. We provide quality financial services and products for our valued customers through our numerous locations within the city of Chicago and its surrounding neighborhoods. As former Order Express retail centers, each J&P location has been newly renovated and licensed to provide our customers with a wider range of financial services to serve their everyday needs.

Our Services

Money Transfers

At J&P, we offer money transfers to anywhere in the world. J&P is highly recognized throughout the Hispanic market for our quality and reliability. Some of our most popular services include money transfers from the United States to Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

Check Cashing

We provide our customers with fast and effective access to cash at the most competitive rates within the industry.We cash payroll checks, government-issued checks, insurance checks and more! Contact us today to obtain a full listing of all applicable options.

Bill Payment

We offer our customers the ability to pay their bills and utility services (water, electricity, phone, cable, etc.) through a simple and cost-effective platform. Given our easy and quick payment methods, J&P currently services over 100,000 payers in this platform.

Money Orders

J&P provides our customers the ability to purchase money orders using cash or debit cards for situations that require more secure forms of payment. Money orders are ideal for customers that are planning on sending money through the mail, overseas, or when security it is a top priority.

Phone Top-Ups

For our customers that utilize mobile prepaid phones, J&P offers the ability to top-up their devices with our international, domestic and pin-less services. Listed below are our most commonly used brands. Domestic Phone Top-Ups (USA) – AT&T, Boost Mobile, Virgin America, etc. International Phone Top-Ups – Telcel, Lusacell, Movistar, etc. Pin-Less Top-Up Services – Pure Minutes, Boss Revolution, Pin Lock, etc.

Strategic Alliances

J&P partners with MoneyGram and Vigo, key players within the money transfer industry. This cornerstone relationships enable us to provide money transfer services through a diverse domestic and international network comprised of hundreds of thousands of locations, essentially providing our customers with access to every corner on the planet.

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